Sunday, August 30, 2009

I was on a boat!! Yea man!!

So yea..I was on a fucking boat! A friend of Adam had this damn great idea to organize a party on a boat for his 30th birthday..and it was awesome like hell!
It's a disco club that it's moving! Cruising from Plaza of Nations to English Bay, stay just in the middle of the ocean for a while and then go back! Damn..I love this damn city! Vancouver at night looks awesome!
I had a nice time.. singing "I'm on a boat" , dancin', talking with some drunk people (pretty hard understand drunk Canadians), hanging around on the boat, know some Lisa's friends (nice girls :) ).. it was really cool!
God when I think that I have to go back in sucks! Specially right now that i'm gettin' into the last month! Well, don't wanna think 'bout it right now.. Luighi that motherfucker is coming tomorrow! Fuck we will tear apart this city man!!!

1 comment:

  1. ma barboneee...cos'è quella roba lì per donarti i dindini per altri tuoi viaggi??!!? osceno!!! :p

    oh sfigghy ho cominciato il corso d'inglese, ci hanno fatto il test per vedere com'eravamo messi, e...non ci crederai (e pure io avevo qualche dubbio), ma sono NEL LIVELLO AVANZATO!!!
    muaahahahahahaaaaa! il top del top! :)

    Sciao sfigghyno!