Friday, December 4, 2009

ICELAND in 5 days and THE END!

So… seems that it’s time to talk about Iceland!! Oh yea… so how was that?

First of all the main thing to tell is : damn!! They really not get too much sunlight, do they??!!!

I was amazed.. these guys live pretty much a long long day all the winter! I’ve been there 5 days and the sun was coming out in the morning at 10.30 and going away at 4.30 pm.. yea guys, 4.5 hours of daylight!! Shocking!!

U are probably wondering what the hell Alex did in Iceland? Let’s find that out :D Like I said in my last update, I landed there on November the 20th and that day, well.. I pretty much slept all the day long! I don’t know but the jet lag has really a terrible effect on me!! I was totally twisted and basically destroyed!! I was so so tired… and I had a couple of hours in the late afternoon just to have a first glance on the city!!

The day after, still little bit tired, I went out exploring Reykjavik.. what can I tell? Well, it really reminded me Helsinki under some point of view.. I’ve been in Finland and Sweden before but when I was in Sweden I didn’t see anything but Stockholm airport so I can just compare the city with Helsinki where I stayed 4 days back in 2007… and I guess that Nordic capitals are all like these!! Extremely quiet.. nice small buildings and nice people all around! It seemed to me anyway very American.. a lot of fast foods like Taco Bell, Subway, KFC.. but not Mc Donald’s :D They just closed down at the beginning of November.. not convenient for them stay open anymore because of the crisis and the devaluation of the Icelandic currency!!

So, was a nice sightseeing, all around, walking so a lot!! I came back to my hostel (well, was amazing, 25 € a night for a great 4 beds room!!) and I found 2 American guys from New York sharing the room!! Great guys.. we talked about the reason that brought us to Iceland and we headed out to live Reykjavik’s nightlife!! According to various websites that I read, I found out that if u don’t party in Iceland, it means that u never really lived an authentic nightlife!! Well, actually, the experience was great!! I can’t really tell how many people were outside!! Seems pretty much everyone!! Strolling around crawling.. we saw really a crowd!! It’s better not say anything about Icelandic girls!! They are just..amazing!! The cost of life doesn’t seem so high, half liter of beer was 4.5 €.. don’t ask me how much is in Italy..cause I don’t drink beer.. well.. apart for this Saturday night!! The New York guys offered 6 beers!! Of course Icelandic beer.. called how? Guess!! VIKING!!! Of course!!!

Anyway I went back to the hostel around 5.30 am and I had to wake up at 7.30!! Awesome, 2 hours sleep!! Why did I have to wake up so early? Well, basically cause if u go to Iceland by yourself, u need to book an organized tour! U can’t really think about rent a car… so..I booked the Golden circle… they say it’s the best way to see the Iceland highlights! Well, it’s true! They brought us to all the major sites… and was amazing.. the landscapes we saw where really great! Waterfalls, historic landmarks, the point where the European and the American plates meet.. the lava fields everywhere… great experience beside the damn wind that was blowing around 100 km\h!!!! It was so cold!! Was really interesting..specially see the geysers.. was my first time!

The day after instead, with the same company, that seems to have the complete monopoly on all the excursions in Iceland, we headed to the Blue lagoon, one of the major geothermal pool complex in the world… quite fascinating, bath yourself in a 38° Celsius pool when outside is 2°!!

And my travel… my almost 8 months travel pretty much ended with this… I packed all my stuff and on November 24th I woke up at 5.15 am to catch my connection bus that brought me to Reykjavik airport!!

From there an Icelandair flight brought me to London Heathrow in almost 3 hours and there, I waited my flight connection to Malpensa airport in Milan… terrible experience actually!! In my life I took almost 70 flights and this one was the first time with a 2 hours delay with no information from the company personnel that basically was jerking around.. u are thinking, I’m sure u got Ryanair!! Hell, no!! Was British Airways!! Damn them!! The flight was a nightmare, 2 hours and half delay, terrible take off shaking like hell, terrible people just in row behind me.. and English couple complaining and arguing all the damn flight!!

And at 11.30 pm, after 232 days, I came back to Italy.. not happy of course..and not because I wanted to…

U can check my Iceland photo over here:

U might think, this is the end.. your blog is over.. well, it’s not :) I still miss a last update… an update where I wanna tell what America, what the Travel and what Everything meant to me…

Soon, it will happen :)

C ya


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