Friday, November 20, 2009

After 7 months and 14 days.. Goodbye North America.. 3 weeks in Minnesota and the come back to Europe :) I promised, it comes time to talk about my stay in the northern part of the States and precisely in Minnesota. Someone probably would ask: Why did u go there? What is there to see up there?
Well, I went to Minnesota basically to pay a visit to a family of friends that left Italy back in 1989, 20 years ago and settled here, near Minneapolis.
What can I say? I stayed there for 3 weeks and it was really a good time. Thanks to them and to their parents was really possible see a lot of things about this state. And it wasn’t not bad at all. It’s really a beautiful spot in the world. I could live there.. the only problem are the harsh winters and the cold!! But for all my stay I was really blessed; the weather was just awesome!! I lived my first Halloween, a real American one, I saw my 3rd Capitol, after the one in Austin and the US Capitol in Washington D.C. , I had a taste of Minnesota nightlife and I really saw a lot of nature.
Minnesota is really similar to Scandinavia so it isn’t a surprise at all when you find out that more than half of the population that lives here has Danish or Swedish roots. They are used to the cold, aren’t they?
I was supposed to stay here only 10 days, my program was to go back to the West coast and see San Diego deeply and San Francisco but I gave up. Why that? Well, I have something like 35 kilos of stuff to drag everywhere, 1 gigantic backpack, 1 carry on suitcase and 1 small backpack for my laptop and think about bring them around, all along California, take 4 flights and whatever else.. well, it was unrealistic! So, even if I already had bought the flights, I just postponed this: I know that I’ll come back to the States probably within 2 years so, is better see San Francisco and the rest of the stuff that I missed this time, in another occasion. Well, yea, I lost 200 € because of the fact that I cannot get a refund from the low cost airlines that I used but... it’s ok... I enjoyed my time in the Midwest... I spent a day in Mason City, Iowa as well, so in 1 month and half I visited 20 states plus the District of Columbia. It’s not bad at all, I probably saw a lot more than an average American.
I’m writing this update from Europe actually.. where am I? In Iceland suckers! Surely a place that u don’t visit everyday right?? After a transfer flight from Minneapolis to the JFK in New York City, I left the United States exactly after 45 days since my arrival. And I left North America exactly 7 months and 2 weeks after my departure from Italy on April the 7th. Quite a long time ago right?
So, an Icelandair flight brought me to Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland in 5 hours and 45 minutes. The price? 350 USD with a transfer to London included! Amazing right? Is about 250 €! What a deal!! Practically over here in Iceland they’re trying to do everything to boost their economy after the amazing situation that they lived between last year and this one because of the crisis that hit this country more than anyone else.
My impressions? I’ll write them later... for now I just spent some hours here! And I can just say that is cold! And they have only 5 hours of light a day!!!
C ya

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