Tuesday, April 6, 2010

First day @ work

So… after an orientation day on April 1st.. followed by Easter @ home.. followed by a sleepless night @ Wien airport because a screw up in bus timetables… here I am after my 1st real day at work.. things aren’t so different compared to Italy here regarding the beginning of a new job..everything begins with an orientation with a tutor aside… we have to learn the tools we are supposed to use along with the programs… the main program used is pretty easy to get… the work itself.. I’ve been explained..but it will surely take time… the environment looks nice..colleagues as well..manager as well too :) now it’s just a matter of time.. to understand and know everybody..

See ya :-)


  1. bello springiulino lavoratore! :)

  2. si lavora e si fatica per il pane e per la .......

  3. hey Alex, ich wish you all the best in Bratislava. And as you know, i am studying at the moment in Germany, so it is`nt very far away, i might stop by one day ;) take care!

  4. that would be really cool Kart... I ain't so far either... planning to travel somewhere in the weekends..when I get used a little bit better to this new reality... i ll tell u then.
    take care ;)

  5. ciao,
    facendo ricerche sul canada ho trovato il tuo blog,
    volevo mandarti una mail per chiederti alcune cose visto che vorrei partire con il whv...
    ma non trovo il tuo ind sul blog.

    complimenti pe ril blog e per la tua esperienza!

  6. mmm...but...
    what do u think about...A NEW POST??!?!