Sunday, May 23, 2010

I'm alive.. :-D 2 months in Slovakia ;)

So..I was thinking today that last time that I updated these pages was just the day after the 1st day on the job…and therefore I was like.. OMG! That’s almost two months ago…that relatively speaking is really quite a lot of time… :-) Basically over here isn’t exactly like back in Canada and in the States where I was updating quite often with my visits around the city… here of course is different…

So, what’s about my new life over here?... well, honestly there aren’t so many things to say… I’m blending with the Slovakian way of life I guess :-)

The impression on the job is positive, it isn’t probably the best one available on the market but it will surely help me around in the future, building a background experience that will be undoubtedly precious whatever it will happen…

Until now I got in touch with quite few people, the most important thing when you basically start a new life is get along with whom is around you or otherwise sooner or later you’ll be on your own, a feeling that I don’t really wanna live, specially in a foreign country… I basically hang around with foreigners, I still don’t know so many Slovaks but among the ones that I know there is surely someone that I really like and that is becoming quite important ;)

Where I work, I’ve been lucky, people around me are really kind and helpful, they are always really keen to help and even if is sometimes hard break into a group that is already shaped, step by step I’m feeling integrated…

The most tricky obstacle is surely the language but with the help of my Brazilian friend Augusto we started to have some language lesson… ehehe.. we aren’t the best students in the world but.. we at least try and this left people around us quite impressed :-D Well, we are like kids, not even in the kindergarten but..eheh…we are starting to understand some word.. pretty good :-D

Bratislava is a nice small town, it looks lovely when the sun shines around… and this is basically the problem.. doesn’t shine around so often!! I haven’t lived here so many weekends, for different reasons I’ve been in Italy different times so..I still don’t know so much of the nightlife even if for what I saw, under many aspects.. is better than the Italian one.. but well..this isn’t really hard to accomplish…

People’s opinion, the ones you can get in touch around, in clubs or place like this definitely changes when they are told that we aren’t tourists… but we live here…. I don’t really wanna talk about tourists, I think that you know what I think about people of my nation when they are around.. over here.. my opinion was just confirmed like always…

There are few Italians working over here but like I did in my past experiences, beside some particular exception I avoid to hang out with them.. is always the same idea.. I spent around 25 years of my life surrounded by them..and was quite enough :-D

Well, now that the summer is approaching I hope to see more around.. Bratislava like I said doesn’t take so much time to get explored… I put some photo here… I hope soon I’ll have some nightlife photo as well.. :-D

About my living, well… I’m going to move out from where I live and sincerely for different reasons, quite a lot actually, I’m happy to do that..where I’m going to live is a lot better… with quite a few amenities.. and an hot tub again… eheheh.. Canada style :-D slightly more expensive but more centered and totally worth it!

Well.. not so many news indeed… I just wanted let who is following these pages that I’m alive… happy of my choice…happy about my new life.. my Slovak life :-D

So..see ya..or in Slovak.. Dovi :-) and not in other 2 months.. eheh..this for sure!!

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  1. Ciao Alex,

    fortunatamente sono arrivata al tuo blog!
    sto partendo per Vancouver con WHV, partenza primi di maggio... mi puoi dare i contatti dell'agenzia di lavoro?
    idem come te... nn ho voglia di perdere 3 mesi (il visto è di 6) a cercare lavoro, perdere opportunità di fare network.

    hai qualche consiglio? appartamento... mi trovi qua

    ciao Laura