Thursday, April 16, 2009

Vancouver Canucks and CityTV!

Un grazie ad Andre che ha trovato a chi assomiglio.. mah, non so :D Cmq è proprio questo il nome che m'ha detto il tipo: Daniel Sedin


Finally it’s time to meet someone else down here in Vancouver..and where u are probably asking?Well, in the hotel’s kitchen AHAHAHA! Well, yes, it’s right there that Working Holiday Visas guys cross their streets..and so with a mix of French,Spanish, German and English, it’s possible exchange some idea and here too, like in Las Palmas is plenty of Germans!!
I’m still stuck at the YWCA Hotel, that is my house since almost one week, waiting for the Koreans of the agency hurry up before I send them back to Seoul or maybe to Pyongyang, where surely they won’t have so much fun!!
What I have done today? Well, after a visit at the Canucks shop, local hockey team, looking for a jersey, but I gave up, after a look to the prices (429.99 $ - 270 €) for a replica shirt, 139.99 $ for a jersey like an original one but not a replica I headed to the BC Stadium.
Before, something about the Vancouver Canucks ( . Well, here almost nobody knows anything about Soccer also cause Canadian National team really sucks! Everyone gets crazy for ice hockey and since my hotel is right in front of the General Motors Place ( , their home, yesterday, for the first playoff match I saw a Canadian crowd of about 20.000 people screaming and get crazy…For a ticket they wanted 325 dollars, well, u’ll never see me!Neither for Inter vs Milan near the pitch I pay smth like that!
And so, on the way to the BC Stadium, I wanted to get into a supermarket warehouse but without the membership card they kicked me out, and I go on Canadian TV!!! Hell, yes! On CITYTV! A local channel! The reporter with the mic and the operator with the camera approach me and ask: “Well, may I ask u some question?” and I reply: “Well, I ain’t even Canadian!” And he: “Well, Didn’t u realize that a lot of people stare at u? U look just a Canucks player! Well, I don’t know anyone of them! Interesting experience that ends with the reporter that suggests me to have my beard longer so I can really just look like him and get into the stadium free :D :D
Have to admit that is true that someone was staring at me these days, maybe just cause I’m too nice :D :D Someone even asks me information! Seem that I blend with the Vancouver population :D
Taking advantage from my free time, I visited the Vancouver Public Library ( , huge! In these days there’s a book sale and I got 4 for just 2.20 $. Bargain since they’re in good conditions.
Well, I go to cook smth!
Stay tuned!

Thanks to my friend Andre that figured out who is this hockey player that I look like..well..I don't know :D : Daniel Sedin


  1. beh, ma metti un link col faccione di questo giocatore a cui somigli!!! voglio vedere se è vero! ^^

  2. Il problema è ke nn ho ben capito il nome di questo giocatore :D :D

  3. Ciao Ale, ma ti riferisci a lui:
    Stammi bene bello!!!

  4. Cacchio Andre, grazie!! E si, cavolo è lui :D E' proprio sto nome che m'ha detto il tipo li!!!
    W i CANUCKS!!