Saturday, September 12, 2009

11 Days with Luighi.. the Erasmus Spirit was in Vancouver!

And so Luighi is gone… 11 days… they really just flew away.. probably also cause I was stuck at work for 7 of them.. and so it wasn’t really possible hang around all the time together..but it was really great!

For a short time was like a jump back in time, back to some of the greatest months of my life..back to Las Palmas.. everything was just like that... only the scenario was different!

Sharing the same room, talking in the kitchen, hang around together... this was there, this was here!

It isn’t long time that I know him, just from 2007 but in my opinion when you live so close with someone for a relative long time of your life, the friendship that begins is different compared to the one that you might have with someone that you met in your childhood! Just cause you lived the same experiences, you shared the same moments... and you keep remember them, no one can delete them! I remember when back from my Erasmus, someone told me: “It’s pointless that you talk about your life in Las Palmas, no one understand you here and no one sympathizes with you”... this is absolutely true.. no one but who lived an Erasmus experience can understand what that means... and now, after two years I still remember almost every single moment there and I can consider Luighi like one of my best friends..for sure!

So what did we do in Vancouver? Like I said I was stuck at work for more than half the time he passed over here and Tuesday and Wednesday I was pretty badly destroyed because of a terrible cold but we managed to see quite a lot of stuff... beside Seattle and Stanley Park, we hanged around Vancouver, went shopping, went to Victoria yesterday and to Lynn Canyon today, visiting the 2nd suspended bridge here in Vancouver, used as location for McGyver... that has been practically shot entirely over here! We even went to watch a Canadian football game.. something like American football.. how did I like that? Well... IT’S TERRIBLE! For us, used to soccer to is a pretty much continuous game, football is a nightmare.. it’s not really played by the players but by the coaches and referees... it’s enough that the ball drops on the ground and the game is a regular game, supposed to last 1 hours..last instead 3 hours..a torture.. I just wanted go home!! :D :D But it’s cool the atmosphere, cheerleaders, the stadium.. well that for sure... but the game.. NO WAY! Who knows if I’ll manage to watch an hockey game before my departure...

My departure.. it’s not so far anymore... pretty much 3 weeks..something more... can’t believe it! I gave a bunch of stuff to Luighi, clothes to bring back home so I can at least save the super expensive fares that Canadian post charges for international deliveries...

Well..tomorrow I’ll leave to the Yukon..oh yes! The average Italians they proudly go to the same places every year... always resorts, places where you simply don't see anything, just the resort itself and some Sharm, Kos, Ibiza.. and tell them when I’ll go back when they’ll ask: “Where did u pass your vacations?”.. and tell them back: “Well, Alaska..and Yukon...” is SIMPLY PRICELESS!

Well, once again..thanks Luighi... the ERASMUS SPIRIT will NEVER DIE!

C ya

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