Monday, November 9, 2009

The end..New York and the flight to Minnesota :)

So, like I promised, the time to talk about the end of my tour and what happened later has come.

I finished last update talking about what we did in Washington, strolling around the capital, visiting memorials and monuments and then.. well..tell our three week together were almost done..

It was time to say goodbye.. the feeling, at least for me was just one: it was too fast. I always had this feeling every time that I travelled in my life, every time that I enjoyed what I was doing. It usually never happen in Italy, where for most of the time I’m just extremely bored.

I’ve been able to see so many things, so many aspects of the States that I really wanna thank everybody that was with me on this tour and the company that organized it. I didn’t spend a lot at all and it was worth every single cent! was time to say goodbye like I said and they dropped us off in New Jersey.. we were on our own... was so weird unload the trailer for the last time, put our backpacks on our shoulders again and head to New York.

But I wasn’t by myself. The Danish guys and the Swiss guy followed me in the same hostel and Janka did that as well. I can suggest to book the Central Park hostel in New York, practically in front of the Subway, inexpensive ( 30 $ a night for a 6 beds room), safe and clean. In the end what u need when u are in a big city like this is just a bed.. nothing else.. u spend most of your time just outside, walking really for miles and is exactly what we did...

Yea.. we walked so much!! Coming back every night at the hostel with hurting feet! New York New York!! It didn’t really impressed me so much under the architectural point of view just cause I’ve been living in North America for 7 months so I’m really used to the landscapes but New York has really a particular glamour! You can just wander around, you don’t really need a plan but you definitely need a map!! I spent there 3 days that are pretty much nothing but we didn’t lose time.. there wasn’t time to be tired or to complain! Waking up at 7.30 am and go to be at midnight just cause the time was so tight and the things to see were too many!! I’m quite proud of myself cause I was really able to see quite a lot among the main landmarks! Times Square (just unbelievable.. u go out from the subway and u are when u do the same and u face the Coliseum in Rome), Wall Street, Ground Zero, the Empire State Building, the Rockefeller Centre, Central Park.. the stores (contrarily to what you can think, New York is a lot more expensive than other American cities that we visited for shopping).. it’s really an amazing city..or better is the CITY! It’s basically the centre of the world like Rome, Paris and London were in the past! My only regrets are that I’ve not been able to get a closer look of the Statue of Liberty since we arrived to the port too late to get the ferry and that we didn’t make to the top of the Empire State Building for the same reason. But I’m sure I’ll go back to New York, I don’t know exactly when but it’s surely an easy place to go to visit... there are so many offers that u can fly there relatively cheaply..

It was a nice time.. live all together with a part of our groups for a little bit more.. I liked everyone that was travelling with us and I really liked someone in particular.. I’m sure that I’m going to see someone of them in the future... it will happen :) Specially the ones that don’t live too far away...

So, I left the City on October the 30th, 25 days after my Canadian departure and I arrived here in Minneapolis where I’m right now with an AirTran flight after a layover in Milwaukee, Wisconsin! I’ll tell about my period here in the Midwest in the next update... for now it’s all..

You can always check my photos, clicking here:

See you soon.

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