Sunday, November 1, 2009

Step by step to our final destination!!

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So… yea… here I am after quite a long time.. I don’t like repeat myself but I really didn’t have so much time to update these pages during this amazing time!
Now that it’s over I can really tell that has been one of the best experience in all my whole life... was like a shorter Erasmus. I knew so many nice guys, I really hope to see someone of them again soon in my life.
It’s always true, when you live really close with someone for a while, sharing pretty much every single second of your day, that kind of friendship is stronger than the one that you might have with someone that you knew since when you were a child! Talking with the Swiss guy, it’s pretty much like the Army.. u are like comrades :) We really lived side by side, sleeping in campgrounds, eating and cooking together, moving together during the long drives... was really awesome!
What I saw, all the different American landscapes, it’s simply so so cool.. I still can’t believe that has been so fast.. but was definitely really intense.. I will remember these weeks all my life and the 2000 photos that I did will help me as well!
So, last time I wrote that we were in Austin, Texas where we stayed two nights.. and after that we drove to Houston to pay a visit to the Space Centre that they have over there and after this... well I don’t remember :D
No, actually I do but sometimes is really hard actually recall in your mind when you were somewhere... cause we really have been in so many places!!
After Houston we were in New Orleans.. great time as well over there.. excellent nightlife... you know, sometimes when I think about the nightlife over here I make a comparison with the one that exists in Italy and the Italian nightlife well, it’s simply terrible... millions of clones all dressed up in the exact same way, with the same outfits, same shirts, same shoes, paying 25 € to go into a club.. so pathetic!! We crawled through I think 20 clubs in 1 night, dressed with normal sweaters and T-Shirts and nobody cared!! This is America... of course get into them was free!!! New Orleans it’s different, it’s just an old city that had really hard time with the Hurricane Katrina 4 years ago and still has to struggle everyday.. was actually the only city that I felt little bit dangerous..a feeling that I never had nowhere else... We stopped there 2 days, walking around discovering the old French quarter... was just great!!
Leaving New Orleans, after a stopover nearby to enjoy a swamp tour to spot some alligator, our long journey was almost over.. yea, actually after this stop we just drove a lot toward east... we stopped in Alabama, Tennessee and Virginia but we didn’t really do that much in these days .. it was basically move all our group toward Washington D.C , toward the end...
But we had time to stop by in Lynchburg, Tennessee to pay a visit to the most important thing that they have over there!!! The Jack Daniel’s distillery, an heaven for who likes whiskey.. it was really cool!! I was already in a distillery like this one up in Dublin, in the Jameson one, but this one, God.. it’s Jack Daniel’s!!!
Washington D.C was just our last stop, we spent 2 days over there, taking a look around and realizing that yes, we were in America.. yea.. you actually have that feeling when u are there... cause u see everything, all the symbols of this nation.. that they leave u wonder around like a kid discovering the heart of the biggest country in the world.. the most powerful spot on Earth... surely 2 days are not enough but we did our best to see everything we could! The Mall with all its memorials, from the Vietnam one to the Korean one.. it’s amazing read all the 55000 names engraved in the Vietnam’s something that let you think and so it happens the same with the Korean memorial.. a ghost platoon in the middle of Korea... amazing!
Washington is just that.. it’s the heart of the States... The Lincoln memorial, the Jefferson memorial..all these monuments... are just amazing.. are the history of this country...and see them with all the lights around it’s something really cool... but the view during the day doesn’t leave u disappointed...
That’s all... I’ll talk about the end of our tour in another update..
C ya

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