Sunday, October 18, 2009

First 10 days of travel in America!!

It’s really hard keep these pages update when u are having a great time and u move along the United States… is really difficult find time to write down something when you are too tired because the long transfer or just for the night…

I’m in Austin, Texas today and tomorrow we head to Houston... we’ve travelled around for 11 days until now and has really been great... after the Grand Canyon we went to Las Vegas and well, it’s better that I don’t write down what is that place... is called the city of sin for one real reason!! Was really fun!! I think I never had so much fun in my life..maybe a couple of other times but was really great... during the day.. Las Vegas doesn’t have any’s just a huge amusement park in the middle of nowhere..but the night.. oh my God.. it’s just crazy!! We went around for 2 hours into a party bus..all together..was just great!! The effects..we felt them the day after! LOL!!! I think the song Waking Up in Vegas, the right one..definitely...

I don’t wanna describe the details, was just so fun.. really great! After that we went to Zion but I was just too tired to do anything.. it’s a nice natural park but we stopped by for just 1 not so much!!

But after that..the Monument Valley.. oh man.. it’s just like in the’s simply breathless.. America is just unbelievable.. the nature that you can see over here is something really extraordinary!! We spent a night sleeping into an Hogan with some Native Americans.. Navajos to be exact... and listen to them...listen what their people lived in the past..well.. it helps to reflect about their conditions.. there are so many of them down here in the Southern States..really a lot.. and a lot of people from South America.. the States are really changing.. you find everything written in Spanish everywhere!!

We passed by to Carlsbad, New Mexico to visit a huge national park completely underground.. it’s a cavern complex.. really cool..

Yesterday we arrived over here in Texas after a long long drive, 9 hours... terrible!! Really stay in a closed space like a van for that time..drives you just crazy!! But the night was great... Austin looks really amazing!!

C ya

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