Friday, October 9, 2009

America... is amazing!! Grand Canyon!!

So… my American adventure began and after 3 days I can say that is fucking awesome!!

I think that after 6 months in Canada this is really the best choice.. apart for the opportunity to visit this great country from the west to the east coast is an amazing way to know a bunch of new people!! I love that!! Of course, the first moment is always kind of hard, right? Cause u have to literally break the ice! Is a situation that I lived so many times in my life that I’m kinda used to.. U find yourself in an hotel hall full of all these guys carrying heavy suitcases or backpacks and u think.. “Damn it.. is really like a déjà vu!”

After a couple of hours is like if u have known them since an entire life.

And this adventure really reminds me Las Palmas..this is exactly like that! Everyone carries different background adventures, different reasons that brought them in America.. you are around a fire in the middle of the Arizona desert, out of Phoenix and you think that is damn awesome!

I’m writing this update while we are heading to the Grand Canyon.. this is so cool!

Well, I was telling about the group.. well exactly there are 2 groups of I don’t know..I think we are like 22 people.. there are people from UK (of course!!), from Denmark, from Switzerland, from Australia, from Hungary, from South Korea... is awesome!

Well.. we are going around of the States guided by a guide, right.. our guide is a girl from Minnesota.. pretty different climate down here compared to up there!

So we started from San Diego.. really laid back atmosphere..just a city by the sea.. really cool.. just touring around the city staying after that in a campground in La Jolla.. well a campground with 4 pools!! Crazy Americans!

The day after we headed to Arizona.. is crazy think that over the temperature is 30° but in the night drops drastically and is kinda of chilly.. what I’m doing is basically camping.. I’m not really a fan of this stuff..but I find it really cool anyway... so u just set up your tent, you cook your own food and after that you just talk with the others... that’s the best part... damn..know English is really damn important..sometimes I think about people back in Italy, my same age that are proud to not know any word in a foreign language.. guys u are totally fucked up!! U have no idea what u are losing..just right now!!

Anyway, we headed to Arizona, we stayed to this old fashion place like I said above, middle of the desert, no showers, no amenities, nothing.. just the dirt... the tents and some real American cowboys.. that was awesome.. sit near the fire..drinking and sharing your stories...

I can eventually even speak Italian.. so cool!! There’s a Swiss girl from the German part that speaks also Italian... sweet.... you have just to switch from one language to the other... kind of funny... but talk in English I think is better.. I’m so used right now that doesn’t make any difference anymore!

I love Switzerland.. living quite near to the border is one of the country that I’ve been more often.. that’s awesome! And listen what Swiss guys tell... just confirms that!

Anyway... our group is 2 Danish (nice guys), 1 Tasmanian guy (he’s 19 and he’s already been already all over the world.. crazy Australians!!), 3 girls from UK, 3 South Koreans and 1 Swiss German guy... everyone seems cool so far... I said we are heading to the Grand just look around and tomorrow is up to us.. hiking or just see around from the rim.. I can’t really do the helicopter flight over it.. I’m kind of broken so I can’t really afford 225 US!!

Anyway I’ll do some of the other things.... like staying with the Navajos..and things like these...


The Danish guys rode some horse..but isn’t something from me!! just amazing by the way!! I had the confirm after 3 days..but I already knew that of course!

And the day after tomorrow Vegas babe!!!

Ahahah... awesome suckers!!!!

C ya!!

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