Friday, October 2, 2009

Tuesday at the UBC

Well,so when in Europe or at least in Italy you think about a university and you try to get an idea about that, you think about a couple of buildings, a cafeteria, an administration unit and that’s all.. well or at least that’s for me since my university was pretty small...

Well..that idea here... is totally wrong!!

This introduction just to tell you guys that I made to the UBC last Tuesday.. well, it’s something totally amazing!

Luigi was already there and I was already told about how it looks like but well.. when you go there it’s HUGE!

I don’t even think that huge is the right adjective... cause the UBC is a city that lies within Vancouver itself...

There are so many many faculties and so many buildings that u can really get lost among them!!

You are surrounded by natures..squirrels cross the streets just in front of you..the accommodations are skyscrapers!!! Unbelievable!

I spent like 3 hours over there and I think I really saw just a fraction of everything that this university can offer.

The education standards between Canada and Italy are of course incomparable!! The UBC is among the first 40 universities in the world.. to find an Italian one I recall that if u have to go till the 300 place or something like that.. all the just amazing!

And you could think:. “Oh it will be probably so expensive...!” Well.. the tuition fees, at least the average ones are around 5000 CAD that in Euro are 3000... well.. that’s inexpensive! When you think specially that you are getting your education in one of the best university in the world!! Of course all of this if u hold a Canadian passport...if u don’t.. well better not even take a look to them!! It will be 15000 Euro!!

Well.. I didn’t make to Whistler..I was just packing and be ready to leave..Monday is 3 days from now... see my backpack over there already ready gives me a weird feeling...

Adam has a new roommate but he allowed me to stay for these’s surely better than stay in a hostel...

Well, tomorrow is my last day at work.. and then it’ll be time..

C ya

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