Saturday, October 10, 2009

Arizona: Grand Canyon!

So..well.. the adventure is going on and is getting better day after day…. So..right now we are in the Grand Canyon and yea..I guess that this place really deserves everything has been said about it.. is simply hard to describe what you see and what you feel when you stare at it... I thought that when you are in places like this one u can listen the silence.. well, ok doesn’t mean anything but is to try to explain by words the sensations that you are able to feel. You just there and you can admire the power of the nature or the power of God and you understand how the small is the Man compared to the Earth itself.

So, we woke up like at 5.00 o’clock in the morning and trust me..that’s unbelievable... I mean.. I’ve never seen that time on my watch in my life..well just when we were coming back from some party yes..but not when you have to wake up!! Damn!! But after all the day I can easily say that was worth the effort!!

Unsure about hiking in the Canyon itself.. I followed the others and we went for 6 miles just down and yes..that’s was really great!! The landscapes that you can spot can really live you breathless.. it took a while to go up and down but u know is really not something that you do everyday...

And after like 4 days the group seems more open... I like these guys... it’s fun! And you always start to interact with everyone after a while.. nothing comes at the first moment... and the Americans around..well the guys that are tourists in their own country they are always friendly..they always stop by to talk.. it’s really cool.. I love it.. like I loved Canada!

The only hard thing was sleep in the night.. you can’t imagine how is the thermal difference between day and night over here.. is fucking freezing.. really.. u have the tent and the sleeping bag but whatever..u really shiver all the time!! And sometimes..u think.. we belong to the civilization.. so’s harsh..but is really an experience!

Luckily the day wasn’t really so hot but is possible imagine how hard is live around here during the summer time... it can really go up quite a lot!

Like I said tomorrow is Vegas and that will be rock man!!! Would be so great!!

C ya

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